Additional Research Resources

Psychology Websites

There is a great deal of information available on the web at the sites of the two major psychology organizations, APA and APS. You will find information on careers in psychology, teaching, books and journals, mental health issues, as well as links to research and psychology programs around the world!

Associations and Organizations

Academy for Eating Disorders


American Board of Counseling Psychology


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology: AACN


American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law: AAPL


The American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry


American Association of Community Psychiatrists: AACP


American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry


American Psychiatric Association


American Psychiatric Nurses Association


American Psychoanalytic Association


American Psychological Association


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies: ABCT


Association for Behavior Analysis International


Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness: ASSC


Association for Psychological Science


The Association for Transpersonal Psychology


The Association of Black Psychologists


Anxiety and Depression Association of America


Australian Psychological Society


Australian Psychology Accreditation Council


Behavior Analyst Certification Board


Behavior Genetics Association


Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences: BAPS


The B. F. Skinner Foundation


British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies: BABCP


British Psychoanalytical Society


British Psychological Society: BPS


Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association


Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies


National Eating Disorders Association


European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology


The European Association of Counselling Psychology


European Federation of Psychologists' Associations: EFPA


European Federation of Psychology Teachers’ Associations: EFPTA


Experimental Psychology Society


Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences: FABBS


Florida Psychological Association


The German Psychological Society: DGPs


Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


Houston Psychological Association


Institute of Professional Psychologists


International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology


International Association of Applied Psychology: IAAP


International Council of Psychologists


International Early Psychosis Association


International Psychoanalytical Association


International School Psychology Association: ISPA


International Society for Comparative Psychology: ISCP


International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development


The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences: ISSID


International Society for Intelligence Research


International Society for Research on Aggression


International Society of Political Psychology


The International Society on Infant Studies


International Transpersonal Association


International Union of Psychological Science


International Institute for the Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health


North American Society of Adlerian Psychology: NASAP


The Open University Psychological Society


Plega Sport Psychology. Sport Psychologist in London


Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology


Psychonomic Society


Psychological Society of Ireland


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Society for Occupational Health Psychology


Society for Research in Child Development: SRCD

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ASHA State-by-State


ASHA's state advocacy team advocates on issues related to the professions at the state and local level and provides members and state speech-language hearing associations with assistance and resources. Find the ASHA State Team liaison [PDF] for your state.

Resources by States


Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama
P.O. Box 130220
Birmingham, AL 35213


Alaska Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 568
Kodiak, AK 99615


Arkansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 250261
Little Rock, AR 72225


Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 30988
Phoenix, AZ 85046


California Speech-Language-Hearing Association
825 University Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825


Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 345
Sedalia, CO 80135


Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc
213 Back Lane
Newington, CT 06111

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 29590
Washington, DC 20017


Delaware Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 7383
Newark, DE 19711


Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
222 S. Westmonte Drive, Suite 101
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714


Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association
925B Peachtree Street NE, Suite 620
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 496-5559


Hawaii Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 235888
Honolulu, HI 96823


Idaho Speech, Language and Hearing Association, Inc
1450 Main St.
Gooding, ID 83330


Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association
525 S.W. Fifth Street, Suite A
Des Moines, IA 50309


Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association
230 E. Ohio Street, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60611


Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
One N. Capitol Avenue, Suite 1111
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association
3900 Seventeenth Avenue
Great Bend, KS 67530


Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association
535 West Second Street, Suite 103
Lexington, KY 40508


Louisiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
8550 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, LA 70809



Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association
77 Rumford Ave, Suite 3B
Waltham, MA 02453


Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 31
Manchester, MD 21102


Maine Speech-Language-Hearing Association
381 Mann Hill Road
Holden, ME 04429


Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association
790 W. Lake Lansing Road, Suite 500-A
East Lansing, MI 48823


Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association
1821 University Ave W, Ste S256
St Paul, MN 55104


Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association
901 Missouri Boulevard, PMB 355
Jefferson City, MO 65109


Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 22664
Jackson, MS 39225


Montana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 215
Miles City, MT 59301

North Carolina

North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 28359
Raleigh, NC 27611

North Dakota

North Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 12775
Grand Forks, ND 58208


Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association
455 South 11th Street, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68508

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc
P.O. Box 1538
Concord, NH 03302

New Jersey

New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association
203 Towne Centre Drive
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

New Mexico

New Mexico Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 66085
Albuquerque, NM 87193


Nevada Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 7313
Reno, NV 89510

New York

New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc
1 Northway Lane
Latham, NY 12110


Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 309
Germantown, OH 45327


Oklahoma Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 53217
Oklahoma City, OK 73152


The Oregon Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 523
Salem, OR 97308


Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association
800 Perry Highway, Suite 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15229

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 9241
Providence, RI 02940

South Carolina

South Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association
701 Gervais Street, Suite 150-206
Columbia, SC 29201

South Dakota

South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 308
Sioux Falls, SD 57101


Tennessee Association of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
P.O. Box 70
Spring Hill, TN 37174


Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association
918 Congress Avenue, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78701


Utah Speech-Language-Hearing Association
1379 -31st Street
Ogden, UT 84403


 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia, Inc
3126 W. Cary Street #436
Richmond, VA 23221


Vermont Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Inc
P.O. Box 768
Waitsfield, VT 05673


Washington Speech and Hearing Association
2150 N. 107th St., Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98133


Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Professional Association
P.O. Box 1109
Madison, WI 53701

West Virginia

West Virginia Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box. 1059
Augusta, WV 26704


Wyoming Speech-Language-Hearing Association
760 W. 57th Street
Casper, WY 82601

International Resources


International Calendar of Events

New Custom Data Sheets Available on Global Health Facts

The Kaiser Family Foundation is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to Global Health Facts, a free website that provides easy access to the latest country-level health information. Visitors can create customized data sheets comparing up to five countries against any or all of the 100 health, demographic, and economic indicators on Global Health Facts. Each data sheet can be viewed online, converted into a PDF file, printed, e-mailed, or saved so it can be easily shared electronically with colleagues, handed out at meetings or briefings, and used for a variety of other purposes. Access the custom data sheet tool online. In three easy steps, custom data sheets can be created to provide a health profile for a particular country, to compare countries across indicators or to offer a snapshot of an emerging global health issue.

International Professional Associations

International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) 
IALP is the oldest international organization working from a global perspective on scientific, educational and professional issues affecting persons with communication, language, voice, speech, hearing and swallowing disorders.

International Speech-Language-Pathology and Audiology Associations
There are many organizations around the world representing the professional practices of speech-language pathology and audiology.

Standing Liaison Committee of E.U. Speech and Language Therapists and Logopedists

International Conferences

Collaborate with colleagues at international conferences for speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

United Nations


World Health Organization (WHO)


Other Resources

Higher Education Institutional Partnerships

The Institute of International Education (IIE) launched the Center for International Partnerships in Higher Education to assist colleges and universities with establishing and sustaining institutional partnerships worldwide.


1997-2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

WEB Sites                                                           

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This page provides hypertext links to professional associations for professionals, students, and researchers for the area of Human Services.

American Public Human Services Association: APHSA


The Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: AAICPC


American Association of Public Welfare Attorneys: AAPWA


American Association of SNAP Directors: AASD


Center for Workers with Disabilities: CWD


IT Solutions Management for Human Services: ISM


National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators: APCWA


National Association for Program Information and Performance Measurement: NAPIPM


National Association of State Child Care Administrators: NASCCA


The National Association of State TANF Administrators: NASTA


National Staff Development and Training Association: NSDTA


National Organization for Human Services 


Society for Social Work and Research: SSWR

National Association of Social Workers: NASW


Human Services Associates, Inc.: HAS

Searching the library catalog (Symphony Catalog)

Find journals and books relevant to your research topic.


The following are a few links to sights which may provide information on a variety of criminal justice related topics.


Agricultural Bioterrorism: A Federal Strategy to Meet the Threat
This paper reviews the nature and threat of agricultural bioterrorism, examines present national capabilities and plans to meet the threat, and proposes a USDA-led federal strategy, including partnerships with key public and private organizations, that could strengthen American ability to prevent, respond to, and remediate biological attacks against national food and agriculture infrastructures. National Defense University, Institute for National Strategic Studies, March 2002.(Last checked 11/17/14)

Agroterrorism Resources
A compilation of resources by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

American Veterinary Medical Association
Disaster Preparedness Page
Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams
Sponsor training for Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMAT) which could respond to the needs of animals during a disaster.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biosafety Web Sites for Agriculture and Food Supplies
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biosecurity and On-Farm Food Safety
Courtesy of Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Vet Extension.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Bioterrorism: Agricultural Shock
Fears about terrorism usually centre on nuclear or biological weapons. But attackers could cause huge economic damage by spreading plant or animal diseases. Virginia Gewin asks how this threat is being confronted. Article by Virginia Gewin appearing in Nature 421, 106 - 108 (2003); doi:10.1038/421106a.
To retrieve article, paste in doi number in the search box.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

CVM and Counterterrorism
The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is working with other federal agencies to help the country prepare for a biological emergency, natural disaster or terrorist attack by making sure there is a safe and adequate supply of animal drug products and a safe animal feed supply system. This page contains information on CVM’s role in counterterrorism.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Food Defense and Emergency Response
Learn how to protect your family in the event of either a natural disaster or an intentional attack. Understand what the Department of Agriculture is doing to keep the public food supply safe. USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Hitting America's Soft Underbelly:
The Potential Threat of Deliberate Biological Attacks Against the U.S. Agricultural and Food Industry
This study assesses how vulnerable the agricultural sector and the food chain are to a deliberate act of biological terrorism, explores possible outcomes of a successful attack, and outlines the agricultural industry's importance to the U.S. economy. Peter Chalk, RAND, National Defense Research Institute, 2004. 65pp.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Humanitarian Resource Institute
Biodefense Reference Library
Resources for Strategic Planning & Project Development. The Biodefense Reference Library is a collaborative initiative of international medical, veterinary and scientific experts to share information and enhance academic discussion of issues associated with preparedness, response, mitigation and policy. This information resource was developed and is maintained by Stephen M. Apatow, Director of Research and Development (vitae), who is a specialist in strategic planning and project development of initiatives associated with human medicine, veterinary medicine and U.S. and international law.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Overview of Agricultural Biosecurity
This paper discusses the biosecurity threat faced by the United States' agricultural resources. It includes information on the agricultural biosecurity threat, potential perpetrators, and potential crop pathogens. Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy, January 27, 2003.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

USDA Homeland Security page
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Arson & Fire Science

Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL)
Research Information Services
The Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) Research Information Services resource center is located within the Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) at NIST. Originally begun as "FRIS", the Fire Research Information Service, this resource center is a vast collection of information on nearly any fire research related subject that has been gathered from both BFRL staff members, as well as researchers, fire protection engineers, and scientists from around the world. Over the years, the information housed within RIS has expanded to include not only fire research information, but also building research related subjects as well.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is a law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Treasury with unique responsibilities dedicated to reducing violent crime, collecting revenue, and protecting the public. ATF enforces the Federal laws and regulations relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and arson by working directly and in cooperation with others to: suppress and prevent crime and violence through enforcement, regulation, and community outreach; Ensure fair and proper revenue collection; Provide fair and effective industry regulation; support and assist Federal, State, local, and international law enforcement; provide innovative training programs in support of criminal and regulatory enforcement functions.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Congressional Fire Service Institute
CFSI was established in 1989 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. CFSI is designed to educate members of Congress on issues that make a difference for the emergency services. CFSI is a proven source for accurate and objective information on fire service issues.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Fire Chief (Magazine)
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program
Each year an average of 105 fire fighters die in the line of duty. To address this continuing national occupational fatality problem, NIOSH conducts independent investigations of fire fighter line of duty deaths. This web page provides access to NIOSH investigation reports and other fire fighter safety resources.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Fire Link
Serving the fire and resecue community.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Firehouse (Magazine)
(Last checked 11/17/14) is a complete resource for fire services, fire insurers, law enforcement and others whose duties involve fire investigation.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


This guide outlines what law enforcement organizations are already doing to foster confidence, and what else can and needs to be done. Key elements of the guide include:

A comprehensive overview of the numerous successful community and youth engagement programs

Advice for creating a culture of integrity with law enforcement and community involvement
Tips on how communities can help build trust and support law enforcement
A spotlight on successful youth engagement programs, such as D.A.R.E.

(Last Checked 08/25/15)

International Association of Fire Fighters

(Last checked 11/17/14)

National Association of State Fire Marshals
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Bioterrorism (Covering both Biological and Chemical Threats)

Biodefense and Bioterrorism
A Medline Plus compilation with categories such as news, overviews, treatment, prevention/screening, pictures/diagrams, alternative therapy, coping, related issues, research, dictionaries/glossaries, directories, organizations, law and policy, and children.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biodefense Reference Library
The Biodefense Reference Library is a collaborative initiative of international medical, veterinary and scientific experts to share information and enhance academic discussion of issues associated with preparedness, response, mitigation and policy. Sponsored by the Humanitarian Resource Institute.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biological Warfare
Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biological Weapons: A Primer
The microbiologist and biological safety professional can provide a practical assessment of the biological weapons incident to responsible officials in order to help address microbiological and safety issues, minimize fear and concerns of those responding to the incident, and help manage individuals potentially exposed to a threat agent.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism
Subtitle: Biodefense strategy, Practice, and Science. Selected articles from the current issue are available free; all other articles need to be requests via interlibrary loan. Table of contents posted for Vol. 1, no. 1, 2003 to date . University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Center for Biosecurity.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Biosecurity and Chemical Weapons
Bioterrorism Agents / Diseases
A compilation of resources compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Bioterrorism : Emergency Preparedness and Response
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based in Atlanta, Georgia, presents information on its Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program. The program discusses protocols for bioterrorist incidents, biological agents, program news, and emergency contacts. A compilation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Chemical and Biological Warfare
Selected internet resources chosen by the Library of Congress.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents Version 2001
The MHMI series is a three volume set (with a video) comprised of recommendations for on-scene (prehospital), and hospital medical management of patients exposed during a hazardous materials incident. Guidance from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Biodefense Research Page
This web site includes information on biodefense-related information for biomedical researchers, the public, and the media. There are also links to current biodefense-related news.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Nuclear Threat Institute Research Library
NTI designed the Research Library as a searchable online resource to allow easy access to the facts about the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, missile development programs and policies and terrorist activities. Whether you're seeking a simple explanation of a complex issue or looking for an in-depth analysis from a world-renowned expert, the library has a range of information including source documents, publications, vast databases of material, tutorials, and interactive maps and graphics.
(Last checked 11/17/14)



AlterNet Drug Reporter
An alternative look at the War on Drugs.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Crimbrary Blog
Centre of Criminology Library Blog
This blog will bring you news, research, opinion and comment in the world of Criminology and Criminal Justice. The librarians of the University of Toronto, Centre of Criminology Library, Tom and Andrea, will regularly post items that they glean from anywhere and everywhere, the Internet, newspapers, academic journals, popular culture and government reports.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Criminal Justice News
Providing criminal justice practitioners, students and academics with online information and resources. Warning: includes radio feed in background.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds
Although the blog is a resource to educate people on identity theft, it also strives to educate the common person on the rapidly growing problem of crimes enabled (made too easy) by technology and the Internet.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Homeland Security Digital Library Blog
The librarians at the Homeland Security Digital Library created this custom search engine to help blog readers find postings on topics of interest in the growing community of Homeland Security bloggers. Sponsored by the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Innocence Blog
This web log publishes news about Institute cases, legislative action and other new developments from around the country concerning innocence claims and wrongful conviction. The blog is maintained by Innocence Institute of Point Park University, which is an innocence project focused on journalistic investigation.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Made2Measure (M2M) explores - with occasional diversions - emerging issues related to performance measurement in courts and justice systems in the US and other countries.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Police Gangs Channel
Police : The Law Enforcement Magazine Gangs Channel shares articles of interest related to gangs. Some are limited to verified law enforcement officers however.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Police Patrol Channel
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Police SWAT Channel
Police : The Law Enforcement Magazine Gangs Channel shares articles about SWAT teams. Some items are limited to verified law enforcement officers.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Sex Crimes
A blog devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sexual violence. Corey Rayburn Yung, Assistant Professor of Law at John Marshall Law School.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Bombs & Radiological Incidents

Bomb Threat Response : An Interactive Planning Tool for Schools (CD-ROM)
Provides guidance for schools on how to react to a bomb threat. 2002. Schools can request a free copy of the cd.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Children and Crime

Amber Alert
s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
Learn the history of the so-called Amber Alert system for locating missing children with this online backgrounder from the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Includes information on how it works, and pointers on getting the program implemented in your own city. Source: USA Today Hot Site, August 21, 2002.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Catholic Bishops Reports on Child Sex Abuse

This site contains links to reports as well as press releases and videos of the press conference. (Last checked 11/17/14)

Child Abuse and Maltreatment
s topic Web page on Child Abuse and Maltreatment summarizes the available research about this crime, which is estimated to affect approximately 12 per 1,000 children. (Last checked 11/17/14)

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Formerly the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information and the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, Child Welfare Information Gateway provides access to information and resources to help protect children and strengthen families. A service of the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

ECPAT-USA stands for "End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes-USA." It is the U.S. affiliate of Thailand-based ECPAT International, fighting to stop this growing form of child abuse. ECPAT-International was started in Asia and in 1991, ECPAT-USA got its start as the US support group for the international campaign. The web site features various resources.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

International Parent Child Abduction
Background information from the U.S. Department of State.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Kidnapping of Juveniles: Patterns from NIBRS
This report from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Protection (OJJDP) "describes the offense of kidnaping of juveniles." Among other significant findings, the analysis reveals that the majority are perpetrated by family members or acquaintances, and the fewest by strangers. The section Implications has a discussion about the distinction between the source data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System and that of earlier studies. Includes a bibliography.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Missing Children
This website serves as an information clearinghouse for a parent advocacy group that provides photographs of and information about missing and abducted children. This web site is created as a resource for parents of missing children as well as lawyers, other non-profits and non-governmental agencies, and the agencies that must deal with child abduction. There are links to almost one hundred non-profit child-find organizations and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) throughout the world. There is also information about the Amber Alert system. A link to the European site is also available.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
This web site funded by WalMart provides law enforcement authorities a powerful new tool. More user-friendly than ever, it's also a great resource for ordinary citizens. Source: USA Today, Hot Site, November 21-23, 1997.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Project Safe Childhood
Project Safe Childhood aims to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. This new U.S. Department of Justice Web site provides information to community partners that help protect children from online exploitation and abuse. Learn more about the program and access press releases, speeches, publications, and other resources. (OJJDP)
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Community Policing

Community Policing Topical Collection from NIJ
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Marketing Community Policing in the News: A Missed Opportunity?
The police and the media need each other: Most people form their impressions of the justice system through media accounts. This National Institute of Justice Research for Practice explores this relationship and finds that although community policing has been favorably received by the media, coverage is relatively light compared to crime stories. Recommendations and examples of successful creative outreach are provided.
Also listed in Magic : the MSU Libraries online catalog.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Measuring What Matters: Proceedings From the Police Research Institute Meetings
Are traditional measures of police performance still meaningful for law enforcement agencies that have adopted the principles of community policing? Measuring What Matters: Proceedings From the Police Research Institute Meetings presents a compilation of papers presented at three meetings convened to focus on how to measure crime, disorder, and fear; public attitudes and expectations; and the performance of police in light of the expanded goals of community policing. The authors examine the implications of measuring community policing performance and provide new assessment criteria for organizations to monitor their community policing efforts. July 1999.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
The web site features: a basic overview of the COPS program, information about COPS grants and how to apply for them, information about training and technical assistance in community policing, news releases and columns about the COPS program, past issues of COPS newsletters, publications, and grant proposals, short narratives describing what's working with community policing, and links to other community oriented policing web sites.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Comprehensive Criminal Justice Web Sites

Crime Spider Page
Crime spider crawls the web to find the best sites related to crimes such as homicides, serial murders, missing persons, unsolved mysteries, law enforcement, criminalistics, criminology, behavioral sciences, profiling, DNA, and crime prevention.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

The CrimeLynx site was developed in 1996 by a criminal defense lawyer and is geared to criminal law practitioners, policy makers, forensic scientists, and expert witnesses. The site includes more than 100 crime-related links, spanning crime scene investigation, DNA, pathology, wrongful convictions, prosecutorial misconduct, and famous criminal trials. It also has legal research links covering criminal statutes, Justice Department criminal guidelines, online legal libraries, and treaties and other international documents.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Included on the website are extensive publications on
Corrections, Courts, Crime, Crime Prevention, Drugs, the Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, and Victims.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Vera Institute of Justice
(Last checked 11/17/14)

World Criminal Justice Library Electronic Network
Very impressive collection of links compiled by librarians and CJ specialists. Provides sections on reference sources, statistics, links arranged by country, etc.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Corporate & Private Security


Emergency Preparedness for Business
A comprehensive plan for dealing with terrorism-related events should include specific instructions to building occupants, actions to be taken by facility management, and first responder notification procedures. The links below should assist in the development of these plans.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Fighting Corporate and Government Wrongdoing:
A Research Guide to International and U.S. Federal Laws on White-Collar Crime and Corruption
Kumar Percy's extensively documented and timely guide focuses on major sources of information about white-collar crimes and anti-corruption efforts, including online and print resources. Source: LLRX, August 15, 2002
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Guidelines for Protecting U.S. Business Information Overseas
Article appearing in Overseas Digest.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
For over 150 years, Americans have known and counted on us under a variety of names: Pinkerton, Wells Fargo, Burns, American Protective Services, First Security, and more. Today, we stand united as Securitas--the largest and most respected security company in America. Distribute a Securitas Magazine twice a year. Links are available on the Publications Page.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Security Daily News Service
Sponsored by Security and SDM, this site provides access to the top security news stories from hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and wire services. (Last checked 11/17/14)

Security Management Online
Welcome to Security Management Online, the online service of Security Management, the monthly magazine of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). On our Web site, we will regularly bring you features from the magazine, such as editorial columns and articles, as well as information only available online.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Security Links contains well over 22,000 security resources. This new site will be solely focused on providing a quality directory of security information.
(Last checked 11/17/14)



Alcatraz Island: Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Although primarily a National Park Service web page, it does include information on the history of Alcatraz as a federal penitentiary. Note: temporarily unavailable.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

BBC Prison Study
The BBC Prison Study explores the social and psychological consequences of putting people in groups of unequal power. It examines when people accept inequality and when they challenge it. Findings from the study were first broadcast by the BBC in 2002. They have since been published in leading scientific journals and textbooks and have also entered the core student syllabus. They have changed our basic understanding of how groups and power work.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Behind the Wire
In jails and prisons around the country, allegations of racist and sometimes violent guards are plaguing the corrections industry. (Last checked 11/17/14)

Bigotry Behind Bars: Racist Groups in U.S. Prisons
Driven by a belief in their superiority, white supremacist prison gangs contribute to increased racial tensions and violence in American penitentiaries. Not only do their activities undermine prison security, but their extreme rhetoric and animosity toward other races often stay with gang members long after their release. Prison officials estimate that up to 10 percent of the nation's prison population is affiliated with gangs. Anti-Defamation League, 2001.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Building Culture Strategically: A Team Approach for Corrections
Presents a model designed to produce higher quality work, build collaboration and interdependence, create safer and more secure environments, and, ultimately, help correctional facilities move strategically toward a more positive culture that will improve the quality of life for both staff and offenders. Not available from NCJRS. Carol Flaherty-Zonis Associates (Scottsdale, AZ). National Institute of Corrections (Washington, DC). (ACCN 021749, 269 pp.) (NIC)
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ)
The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) is a private non-profit organization with a mission to reduce reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. Established in 1985 as the Western Regional Office of the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA), CJCJ maintains a professional staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the various components of criminal justice with its senior staff members possessing over fifteen years experience in the justice field. Headquartered in San Francisco, CJCJ provides direct services, technical assistance and policy research in the criminal justice field. The Center includes offices in Oakland, California, The District of Columbia, Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Includes links to online publications about juvenile justice, adult corrections, sentencing, alternatives to incarceration, and drug policy, as well as links to other web resources.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Citizens Alliance on Prisons & Public Spending
A non-profit public policy organization concerned about the social and economic costs of prison expansion. Because policy choices, not crime rates, have caused our prison population to explode, CAPPS advocates re-examining those policies and shifting our resources to public services that prevent crime, rehabilitate offenders, and address the needs of all our citizens in a cost-effective manner. To achieve these goals, CAPPS develops data-driven proposals for reducing the prison population while ensuring public safety. It informs policymakers, advocacy groups, the news media, and the general public about these issues through numerous means, including a website, a newsletter, research reports, legislative testimony, speaking appearances, and the distribution of information kits to legislators and the media.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons
On any given day, 2.2 million people are incarcerated in the United States, and over the course of a year, many millions spend time in prison or jail. 750,000 men and women work in correctional facilities. The annual cost: more than 60 billion dollars. Yet within three years, 67 percent of former prisoners will be rearrested and 52 percent will be re-incarcerated. At this moment, the effectiveness of America's approach to corrections has the attention of policy makers at all levels of government and in both political parties. The Commission and its report,
Confronting Confinement, make a unique contribution to this timely national discussion by connecting the most serious problems and abuses inside jails and prisons with the health and safety of our communities.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Correctional Management, Inc.
Correctional Management, Inc. provides service, expertise, and innovation to the community correctional field. In addition to training and consulting services, the corporation also provides criminal justice professionals with an excellent collection of web links broken out into the following categories: major criminal justice links, statistics and research, law and legal research, crimes against children, juvenile justice, drug abuse, domestic violence, victim issues, grants and grant writing, discussion groups, miscellaneous, and federal agencies.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Correctional Medical Services, Inc.
There have been 5 major exposes of the nation's largest "provider" of "medical" services to prisoners.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Correctional News Online
An online resource for Design, Construction, Management, and Operations. Welcome to Correctional News Online, the web site for Correctional Building News. Search our site for the most up-to-date information about the correctional building industry. We offer a free taste of our popular Correctional Building News' Construction Report in the Express Report, specifications and information about our Facility of the Month and our Product of the Month, and a downloadable Media Kit. Bookmark our page now so you can check back for updates.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Corrections and Sentencing Law and Policy
UCLA law professor Sharon Dolovich and Washington University law professor Margo Schlanger are co-editors of a new Social Science Research Network journal, Corrections and Sentencing Law and Policy. Corrections and Sentencing Law and Policy Abstracts will provide a forum for works-in-progress, abstracts, and completed articles dealing with the broad range of doctrinal, theoretical, and policy issues relating to the punishment, sentencing, and re-entry of convicted criminal offenders. Topics include (but are not limited to) prison and jail conditions and life; prisoners' rights; probation, parole, and re-entry; prison and jail administration; imprisonment and diversionary sentencing, and the death penalty. The journal also invites submissions dealing with the implications of incarceration and other criminal punishments for families, communities, and society as a whole. Contributions from all disciplines are welcome, and scholars working in this area are encouraged to submit their work.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

The Corrections Connection
also known as
The Corrections Connection is the CENTRAL LOCATION on the Internet where all individuals, associations, organizations, institutions, agencies and companies which are associated with CORRECTIONS may come together to network, exchange information, ask questions, find out about announcements, services, products, research developments, upcoming shows, educational resources, career opportunities, and new technologies within the Corrections and Criminal Justice fields. It provides comprehensive directory listings for state, county, federal and international correctional agencies, as well as associations, products, services and online criminal justice websites PLUS . . . extensive networking opportunities for correctional Facilities, professionals, businesses, and students.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Corrections Corporation of America
Private sector provider of detention and corrections services to federal, state and local governments. Offers third party studies of prison privatization and links to other correctional resources.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Corrections Statistics (BJS)
Provides statistics, information about various surveys conducted, and links to actual reports.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


National Center on Institutions & Alternatives
The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) is based in Alexandria, Virginia, and has been on the cutting edge of criminal justice reform in the United States since its founding in 1977. With a full-time staff of approximately 200, NCIA is a private, nonprofit agency providing training, technical assistance, research and direct services to criminal justice, social services, and mental health organizations and clients across the country. (Last checked 11/17/14)

National Institute of Corrections (NIC)
Provides details on NIC's history, mission and goals, past years' accomplishments, organizational structures and divisions, services and projects, and job opportunities. One of NIC's primary functions is to develop and disseminate information and materials for practitioners in corrections.

(Last checked 02/24/2015)


Nursery Program Aids Jailed Moms in Four States
A small but growing number of states are using a new tool to keep women prison inmates from committing more crimes
motherhood. In Ohio, Nebraska, New York and Washington, some women who give birth behind bars are allowed to keep their babies instead of giving up the child to a foster agency or a relative, as other states require. The programs appear to be helping women clean up their lives, although officials havent conducted major recidivism studies yet. Article by Dave Ghose, Special to, Sept. 24, 2002.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Offender Reentry
Prisoner reentry is the transition from life in jail or prison to life in the community. More than 97 percent of all U.S. prisoners are eventually released, and communities are absorbing nearly 650,000 released offenders annually. NIJ’s Reentry Web page summarizes research about the effectiveness of reentry programs, which are intended to increase public safety and reduce offender recidivism by providing services to help offenders reintegrate into society. NIJ is funding a long-term evaluation of the Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI), a major program at 69 sites around the Nation. Although it is too early for definitive results, early findings are mixed.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Penal Reform International
Penal Reform International is an international non-governmental organisation working on penal and criminal justice reform worldwide. PRI has regional programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the South Caucasus and North America. We have also worked with partner organisations in South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Prison Activist Resource Center
The Prison Activist Resource Center is the source for progressive and radical information on prisons and the criminal prosecution system. Contains links to Statistics, discussion, and background on the prison crisis, political prisoners, women prisoners, the death penalty, and control units. We also have links to sites on prisoner support, prison law, and prison activism.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Prison Legal News
A monthly newsletter published and edited by Washington State prisoners Dan Pens and Paul Wright. since May of 1990. PLN covers prison-related news and analysis from across the country and around the world. The PLN reports on court decisions affecting prisoners and contains information designed to help prisoners vindicate their rights in the judicial system. PLN is aimed at prisoners and their friends and loved ones on the outside, with the goal of helping prisoners and their supporters organize themselves to have a voice, and to be a progressive force in developing a public policy debate around the issue of crime and punishment. With those objectives in mind, the PLN motto is: "Working to Extend Democracy to All." The web site is currently under construction. Contains links to additional sites of possible interest     (Last checked 11/17/14)


The Sentencing Project
Provide resources and information for the news media and the public concerned with criminal justice and sentencing issues. This site also includes news and information about the National Association of Sentencing Advocates (NASA), which The Sentencing Project sponsors, and professional information of use to its members.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Stop Prisoner Rape
Provides education, information, and advocacy at all levels regarding sexual assault and enslavement; provides encouragement, advice, counseling, and legal support to survivors; trains staff who must deal with them; and in general tries to combat the problem.
(Last checked 11/17/14)



National Center for State Courts
The National Center for State Courts is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice. It was founded in 1971 at the urging of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. NCSC accomplishes its mission by providing leadership and service to the state courts.
(Last checked 11/25/14)



Age and Crime entry from the Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice, Vol. 1, 2002
In addition to the short summary, there are additional sections on : Age-crime Patterns For The U.s., Variations In The Age Curve, Variations In Criminal Careers, Effects Of Age Structure On Crime Rates, Conclusion, and A Bibliography of additional resources.
(Last checked 07/23/12)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Included on the website are extensive publications on
Corrections, Courts, Crime, Crime Prevention, Drugs, the Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, and Victims.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Crime Commissions & Investigations

Presidential Crime Commissions
Source: Crime and Justice Vol 1.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


United States Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce
The Senate Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce (also know as the Kefauver Committee after the chair, Estes Kefauver), met between 1950 and 1951. Its purpose was to determine whether organized crime utilizes the facilities of interstate commerce or otherwise operates in interstate commerce in furtherance of any transactions which are in violation of the law and, if so, the manner and extent to which, and the identity of the persons, firms, or corporations by which such utilization is being made. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Crime Prevention

Crime Stoppers International, Inc.
Crime Stoppers began in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September of 1976. Members of the local community, in partnership with the media and law enforcement, began an effort to provide crime-solving assistance to law enforcement. A cash reward was offered to anonymous persons who telephone the Crime Stoppers hot line with information which led to the arrest and indictment of the person(s) responsible for felony offenses. The Crime Stoppers program has enjoyed great success boasting an average conviction rate of 95% on cases solved by Crime Stoppers' tips. The Crime Stoppers programs worldwide have solved over a half a million crimes and recovered over 3 billion dollars worth of stolen property and narcotics. Today, there are over 1,000 Crime Stoppers programs in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Bahamas, British West Indies, Micronesia, and other nations.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


National Crime Prevention Council Training Portal
NCPC is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to help America prevent crime and build safer, stronger communities. The On-Line Resource Center provides useful information about crime prevention, community building, comprehensive planning, and even fun stuff for kids! The NCPC also sponsors an annual conference.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Criminal Law

American Bar Association Division for Public Education
The American Bar Association
s (ABA) Division for Public Education Web site provides basic information about criminal law in question-and-answer format. Subjects included discuss: how civil and criminal law differ; what a citation is; what distinguishes a misdemeanor from a felony; and the standard of proof in a criminal case.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


International Criminal Law: ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources
Gail Partin. American Society of International Law.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Cult, Hate, Fringe, or Militia Groups included under Hate Crime

ADL Online
The web page of the Anti-Defamation League. Since part of ADL's mission if fighting anti-Semitism, they often collect information about various hate or fringe groups.
(Last checked 11/17/14) Hate Crime Page
Provides links to news items and background resources.
(Last checked 11/17/14)
A Web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, encourages people from all walks of life to "fight hate and promote tolerance." Through our public service announcements and this Web site, we hope to awaken you to the problem of hate and intolerance, equip you with the best tolerance ideas and prompt you to act in your homes, schools, businesses and communities. Still includes sections on hate in the news, tracking hate organizations, and learning the truth about hate groups and hate music.
(Last checked 11/17/14)



Anti-Phishing Working Group
"Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc. By hijacking the trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and credit card companies, phishers are able to convince up to 5% of recipients to respond to them." This interest Group' mission is to "to provide a resource for information on the problem and solutions for phishing and email fraud."
(Last checked 11/17/14)

The U.S. Justice Department has found a new way to help prevent cybercrimes -- hit them right at the source. To fight hackers, pirates, encryptors and snoops, the Justice Department unveiled a new Web site -- -- where it will publish press releases, speeches, testimony to Congress, legal texts and Justice Department reports, according to a Reuters report. Also included on the Web site is a link to the Justice Department's list of "Do's and Don'ts," to help educate parents and children on keeping safe on the Internet.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)
Web site contains membership information, conference information, computer crime web links, and information about commercial forensic training and/or software for high tech investigators.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

High Tech Crime Network
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Internet Crime Complaint Center
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. For law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, local and international level, IC3 provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

National Fraud Information Center
Internet Fraud Watch Site
Created by the National Consumers League to counter telemarketing and Internet fraud, the National Fraud Information Center (NFIC) web site offers tips for consumers to avoid common telemarketing and Internet fraud. The site also provides a list of the most popular telemarketing scams. There is also a special section with tips to help the elderly avoid fraud. At the site, visitors may submit questions and report suspected cases of fraud.
Also listed under Fraud.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Death Penalty

Capital Punishment Resources
The debate over the death penalty and capital punishment is in full effect. Those arguing for the death penalty claim that it acts as a deterrent, showing criminals what could happen if they continue on their same path.. It”s clear that the debate over capital punishment will continue long into the future. Courtesy of Consumer Injury Lawyers.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Catholics Against Capital Punishment (CACP)
A national advocacy organization working for the abolition of the death penalty in the U.S. Site includes CACP background, news, and links to related sites.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

Federal Death Penalty Cases: Recommendations Concerning The Cost and Quality of Defense Representation
A report published by the Subcommittee on Federal Death Penalty Cases of the Judicial Conference Committee on Defender Services.
(Last checked 11/17/14)

How Does Death by Hanging Work?
Many people might be surprised to learn that hanging, when carried out with modern techniques, can be one of the quickest and most painless ways to be executed. Of course, not all hangings are designed to be quick and painless. Article by Julia Layton appearing in How Stuff Works.
(Last checked 11/17/14)


Domestic Violence & Victim Resources

ABA Commission on Domestic Violence
Provides facts about domestic violence, important phone numbers, and additional links.
(Last checked (03/04/15)


Federal Web Sites

Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) advises the President, Secretary of State, other bureaus in the Department of State, and other departments and agencies within the U.S. Government on the development of policies and programs to combat international narcotics and crime.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is a law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Treasury with unique responsibilities dedicated to reducing violent crime, collecting revenue, and protecting the public. ATF enforces the Federal laws and regulations relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and arson by working directly and in cooperation with others to:
*Suppress and prevent crime and violence through enforcement, regulation, and community outreach. *Ensure fair and proper revenue collection. *Provide fair and effective industry regulation. *Support and assist Federal, State, local, and international law enforcement. *Provide innovative training programs in support of criminal and regulatory enforcement functions.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Bureau of Justice Assistance
Established by the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended, BJA accomplishes its mission by providing funding, evaluation, training, technical assistance, and information support to State and community criminal justice programs, thus effectively forming partnerships with State and local jurisdictions.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Bureau of Justice Statistics
If you need statistics on a criminal justice topic, this is a good web site to check out. BJS collects, analyzes, publishes, and disseminates information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of the justice systems at all levels of government.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Center for Sex Offender Management
Established in June 1997, the Center for Sex Offender Management's (CSOM) goal is to enhance public safety by preventing further victimization through improving the management of adult and juvenile sex offenders who are in the community. The Center for Sex Offender Management is sponsored by the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, in collaboration with the the National Institute of Corrections, State Justice Institute, and the American Probation and Parole Association. CSOM is administered through a cooperative agreement between OJP and the Center for Effective Public Policy.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Central Intelligence Agency
The Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947 with the signing of the National Security Act by President Truman. The National Security Act charged the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) with coordinating the nation'
s intelligence activities and correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence which affects national security.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Earlier this year, the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information and the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse were consolidated and expanded to become Child Welfare Information Gateway. A service of the Children's Bureau, USHHS, Child Welfare Information Gateway provides professionals with the latest resources and information on child welfare topics ranging from child abuse prevention to adoption. Child Welfare Information Gateway connects professionals and concerned citizens to timely, essential information and resources targeted to the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and families.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
To help communities better fight crime, the the Office of Community Oriented-Policing Services is dedicated to putting 100,000 additional officers on America's streets and to promoting community policing strategies nationwide. Our work is part of the U.S. Department of Justice's comprehensive approach to combating crime. As of February 1997, the U.S. Department of Justice and COPS have awarded grants for the hiring or redeployment of more than 54,000 police officers and sheriff's deputies to the nation's streets. (Last checked 02/24/2015)

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) enforces statutes and laws relating to the unlawful distribution and use of narcotics such as heroin, opium, marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogenes, and synthetic (man made) narcotics such as methamphetamines and barbiturates. The main emphasis is on stopping the the narcotics trade at the source both in the United States and abroad. Agents may work a significant amount of their careers undercover. The web site provides information about the agency, its mission, its programs, trends and statistics, fugitives, press releases, and publications as well as employment information.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates violations of all Federal laws that are not covered in the jurisdiction of other Federal agencies. These investigations may include bank roberies, kidnapping, treason, civil rights violations, extortions, and the assaulting or killing of any Federal Government employee. The FBI runs a national crime lab, the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and maintains a centralized system of fingerprint identification. This is probably the most varied and interesting of all criminal justice careers. The home page features information about major investigations, the ten most wanted, case files, press releases, law enforcement support activities, the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, highlights from the Uniform Crime Reports, and even how to go about making reservations for a tour.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Federal Bureau of Prisons
The Federal Bureau of Prisons is the fastest growing Federal Agency. Federal Law Enforcement career opportunities are greater in the Bureau of Prisons than any of the other agencies on this list. The Bureau of Prisons provides a safe and secure living environment for the inmates that have been sentenced in Federal Court. These are the inmates that were caught and prosecuted by the other Federal Law Enforcement officers on this page. Career advancement opportunites, a stable work environment, and the opportunities to transfer to any area of the country are reasons to consider a career with the Bureau of Prisons. The agency's web site also features documents and articles such as "A Brief History of Alcatraz", the current congressional budget request, a federal prison facilities locator, how to locate federal and state inmates, and quick facts and statistics.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Federal Bureau of Prisons Library
Provides information about the library, its archives, the periodicals it receives, and a searchable library catalog.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Federal Judicial Center
Provides information about the Federal Judicial Center, its education programs for court personnel, a collection of online reports sponsored by the Center, and links to other federal court web sites.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (UNICOR)
It is the mission of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. to employ and provide skills training to the greatest practicable number of inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons; contribute to the safety and security of our Nation's correctional facilities by keeping inmates constructively occupied; produce market-price quality goods for sale to the Federal Government; operate in a self-sustaining manner; and minimize FPI's impact on private business and labor.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is one of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world, providing services to an international community of policymakers and professionals. The web site is currently divided into the following topics, each of which provides connections to documents and additional web and list serv sites.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

National Institute of Corrections Information Center
Describes services, lists downloadable NIC publications, and features a searchable database of more than 1,500 NIC publications. Also describes the Robert J. Kutak Memorial Library and answers frequently asked questions. A "What's New" section highlights web developments and other activities, such as videoconferences offered over the web. "NetConnections" offers an array of web links of interest to corrections practioners. E-mail and other contact information is available throughout the site.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

National Institutes on Drug Abuse
This federal agency sponsors conferences on drug abuse which may be of interest to criminal justice practitioners.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Office for Victims of Crime
The Office for Victims of Crime's mission is to increase the availability of information about victims' rights and assistance services. It's web site enables crime victims, victim advocates, and others interested in victims' rights to access information about available funding, training, technical assistance, and vocational opportunities in the field of victim services. Users can click on "law enforcement", "prosecutors", and other categories to go directly to information of interest.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Office of Child Support Enforcement
This site provides a comprehensive source of information nationwide child support enforcement programs. There are links to state websites with child support enforcement programs. Some of these state sites even have links to county child enforcement support programs. There are links to policy documents and links to related souces of information outside the CSE site. The site can be viewed in English or Spanish. Source: LLRX Links in the News, April 16, 1998.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Office of Justice Programs
Created in 1984 by the Justice Assistance Act, provides federal leadership in developing the Nation's capacity to prevent and control crime, administer justice. and assist crime victims.
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Office of National Drug Control Policy
ONDCP announces the release of a new World Wide Web site that provides access to U.S. drug policy information. The new site features the latest drug policy information, statistical summaries, ONDCP press releases, speeches, congressional testimony, the Federal drug control budget, the National Drug Control Strategy, and information about enforcement, prevention, education, and treatment initiatives.

(Last checked 02/24/2015)

Forensic Science Resources

FBI Laboratory
Contains links to a collection of significant cases handled by the laboratory, full text issues of Forensic Science Communications, annual report, etc.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)
(Last checked 02/26/15)


Grants for Nonprofits: Law and Criminal Justice highlights current grant opportunities (among other things) for forensic science specialists.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

NCJRS Grants and Funding Links
A compilation of web links to U.S. Department of Justice agencies that fund researchers and practitioners engaging in specific criminal and juvenile justice projects. See individual project descriptions for applicant requirements. Financial aid is not available.
Listed under Law and Criminal Justice
(Last checked 02/26/15)

The Pollination Project Foundation
The Pollination Project makes seed grants of $1,000 each to social entrepreneurs with a practical vision for doing good in the world. The organizations will make one grant every day for a year for projects in the environment, justice, human rights, arts and culture, animal rights and welfare, and community health and wellness. Grants will not support established organizations or corporations; grantees' time or services; projects that have already raised over $10,000 since inception; scholarships and training fees; and projects where the primary benefit is to the grantee or to any one individual.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

U.S. Department of Justice
Office for the Victims of Crimes
Grants and Funding Opportunities
(Last checked 02/26/15)

U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Justice Programs
Funding Opportunities
On this page, you will find links to current funding opportunities at OJP listed by their source and various grant related forms and information.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

Grants 101
This online guide provides: An overview of the OJP grant process for competitive and non-competitive programs; Tips on how to find funding opportunities and write strong applications; A description of the application review process and; Links to other resources, including the OJP Financial Guide and sample application materials.
(Last checked 02/26/15)


Gun Control

American Bar Association
Standing Committee on Gun Violence
Site provides information on the American Bar Association's policy on gun violence, news about bar association and lawyers' activities on gun violence, and upcoming events and conferences. The site also provides facts about gun violence including comparisons of the U.S. with other nations, guns in schools, and kids and guns.
(Last checked 02/26/15)


Hate Crime

ADL Online
The web page of the Anti-Defamation League. Since part of ADL's mission if fighting anti-Semitism, they often collect information about various hate or fringe groups.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

Hate Crime
Race is the most common motivation behind hate crime offending, followed by religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and victim disability. State and local responses to hate crime include legislation aimed at improving law enforcement responses to these crimes; investigation, prosecution, and prevention of hate crimes; and implementation of victim support programs as well as diversity and tolerance education programs. NIJ
s topic page on Hate Crime reports on recent research findings and what areas still remain to be explored.
(Last checked 02/26/15)



Famous Case Files from the FBI
Since its founding in 1908, the FBI has been involved in many famous cases. Inasmuch as inquiries often are received about them, the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs (OPCA) has prepared monographs on some of the most frequently requested, closed investigations. The monographs should be considered to be overviews rather than exhaustive treatments. Although additional details on these cases or copies of photographs and illustrations are not available from OPCA, further information on them may be found in libraries.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

FBI History Page
On July 26, 2008, the FBI celebrated its 100th anniversary as an intelligence agency and national security organization and a century of service to the American people. Please explore these pages to learn how a small group of 34 investigators has grown into a cadre of more than 30,000 employees, evolving right along with the changing threats facing our nation. And see our special "FBI 100" series for interesting features and videos on our past.
(Last checked 02/26/15)


Human Trafficking

Anti-Slavery International
Anti-Slavery International's Trafficking Programme comprises three elements: campaigning to end human trafficking, lobbying for victim protection, and research on measures governments take to protect victims of trafficking, especially those who act as witnesses. The web site provides information about both current and historical slavery operations.
(Last checked 01/13/12)

Polaris Project
Polaris Project is one of the largest anti-trafficking organizations in the United States and Japan, with programs operating at international, national and local levels through our offices in Washington, DC; Newark, NJ; Denver, CO; and Tokyo, Japan. Polaris Project is one of the few organizations working on all forms of trafficking and serving both citizen and foreign national victims of human trafficking. Polaris Project's comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking includes conducting direct outreach and victim identification, providing social services and transitional housing to victims, operating the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) serving as the central national hotline on human trafficking, advocating for stronger state and Federal anti-trafficking legislation, and engaging community members in local and national grassroots efforts.
(Last checked 02/26/15)

Shared Hope International
Shared Hope International is a 501c-3 non-profit organization which exists to rescue and restore women and children in crisis. Our founder, former Congresswoman Linda Smith, has directed the organization since it started in 1998. Shared Hope
s domestic programs are run from its west coast office headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. Our staff consists of nine full time positions, several professional volunteers and two internship programs. The international programs are administered from our east coast office in Washington D.C. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the Shared Hope International Advisory Board.
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U.S. Department of State
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
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The National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI) has launched a new web portal that provides more than 15,000 web entries of informational resources on issues related to human trafficking and modern-day slavery from around the world. and its "deep search" engine provide information on related topics including: Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Bonded Labor and Sex Slavery. The site offers information about more than 120 countries through a broad range of articles, research studies, congressional testimony, case studies, UNODC public service videos, a data map on child labor, and a daily news service.
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Identity Theft

Identity Theft (FTC)
How can someone steal your identity? By co-opting your name, Social Security number, credit card number, or some other piece of your personal information for their own use. In short, identity theft occurs when someone appropriates your personal information without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft. Learn what steps you can take to prevent identity theft courtest of the Federal Trade Commission.
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Sex Crimes

Acquaintance Rape of College Students
Rape is the most common violent crime on American college campuses today.1 This guide describes the problem of acquaintance rape of college students, addressing its scope, causes and contributing factors; methods for analyzing it on a particular campus; tested responses; and measures for assessing response effectiveness. With this information, police and public safety officers can more effectively prevent the problem. Courtesy of Rana Sampson from the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.
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Center for Sex Offender Management
Established in June 1997, the Center for Sex Offender Management's (CSOM) goal is to enhance public safety by preventing further victimization through improving the management of adult and juvenile sex offenders who are in the community. The Center for Sex Offender Management is sponsored by the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, in collaboration with the the National Institute of Corrections, State Justice Institute, and the American Probation and Parole Association. CSOM is administered through a cooperative agreement between OJP and the Center for Effective Public Policy. Checkout publications, the reference library, and links.
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U.S. Department of State
Counterterrorism Office

Provides a list of foreign terrorist organizations, patterns of global terrorism, economic summit statements, significant incidents of political violence against Americans, and other items.
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