Application Procedure

The GPSC seeks applicants with a strong background in professional psychology.  GPSC will offer internship positions each year, which will begin at the end of August or the first week in September.  At a minimum, applicants for the Doctoral Internship program are required to have completed all coursework and comprehensive examinations for their doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology prior to the beginning of the Internship year.  We consider all graduate students in the United States who are enrolled in a Psy.D. program and have successfully completed all the necessary academic and practicum training to be considered eligible for internship. The Psy.D. program must be an APA-approved doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. Applicants should have at least 1,035 hours of practicum experience, of which no fewer than 500 hours are in direct service, and 100 hours or more are in psychological assessments.  A solid background in psychological assessment is desired, and applicants who can demonstrate experience with all Wechsler measures, achievement tests, and the MMPI-2 are advantageous.   

Applications for Internship are screened by a review team. Applicants are invited for a 1 hour structured interview with the Committee, consisting of the Director of the Center, the Chief Psychologist, and other faculty members or licensed supervisors.  Ample time is scheduled for the applicant to ask questions of the Committee. 

The GPSC participates in the national match, and uses the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) standard application form.  We strongly support the goals of APPIC and endorse their guidelines.  GPSC adheres to APPIC Match policies and participates in the APPIC Match. All applicants use the Online AAPI to apply to the internship program. The GPSC agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at the GPSC will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any Intern applicant before the day of uniform notification.

National Matching Services, Inc. conducts the matching program for Internship programs that are members of APPIC.  All applicants to our Doctoral program must register for the match and upload all applicant forms via their website at:

All Interns apply to the Goodman Center Internship Consortium program via the AAPI portal. The applicants identify the preferred site that they want to be considered for and do so by selecting the specific Program Code (Goodman Center Code #121212 or Camillus House Code #121213). Applicants can apply to either the Goodman Center or to Camillus House & Health, or to both if they want to be considered for both. The applications of those applicants who are applying to Camillus House will be reviewed by members of the Internship Training Teams from Camillus House & Goodman Center and will be asked to interview at Camillus House after a thorough review of the application. The same process is undertaken at the Goodman Center and the applicant will be interviewed separately at this site. If an applicant wants to be considered for both sites, and is selected for an interview, then the Internship Training Teams will schedule an interview at a pre-determined location, either Camillus House or at Goodman Center.

Currently, the Goodman Center has 6 full-time internship positions and Camillus House & Health has 2 full-time internship positions. Also available from the National Matching Services web site are the rules for participation in the matching program for Internships, a schedule, and a description of the matching process.  We encourage all applicants to become familiar with the rules and procedures of the matching program.

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