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Mission (Human Resources)

The mission of the Human Resources Office is to maintain the most suitable labor force that can accomplish the goals and objectives set forth in the institutional Strategic Plan in a highly efficient and effective manner. To this end, it oversees that the work force be composed of technology- proficient, service- oriented individuals, committed to educational excellence and to teamwork, who perform their duties in an ethical and responsible manner.  The Human Resources Office also provides advice and support to all the members of the community in matters related to the administration of human resources, as stipulated by institutional regulations, policies, and procedures, and in agreement with federal and state laws, to promote the well-being and quality of life of employees.

Vision (Human Resources)

The vision of the Human Resources Office is to actively participate in Strategic Planning and to provide the best, efficient, and timely service to staff and administrators through the establishment of uniform policies and procedures and in agreement with labor law.

All regular full-time employee, teaching or non-teaching, is eligible to participate in the group health plan sponsored by Carlos Albizu University after successfully completing the probationary period. The Office of Human Resources will notify the employee the date on which benefits will commence. 

The institutional health plan is designed to cover a portion of the premium of the group health plan for employees. If the annual premium exceeds the amount offered by the institution, the difference will be deducted from the employee’s pay on a bi-weekly basis, subject to the employee’s authorization. 

Employees who choose another plan may be reimbursed by the amount CAU offers to employees of its plan on presentation of evidence of insurance to the Office of Human Resources.

The Deferred Payment Plan of Carlos Albizu University is a qualified plan, offered to all full-time regular employees. The Office of Human Resources will notify employees of their eligibility, which requires that he be a regular full-time employee who has successfully passed the probationary period. Eligible employees may commence participation the month following their probationary period in the following manner:

Employer Contribution

1.  The employer’s contribution is limited to 5% of the annual base salary
2.  The institution reserves the right to make any change in its contribution, depending on financial viability.

Employee’s Contribution

1.  The employee may contribute from 1% to a maximum stated by state law.
2.  The employee may terminate his contribution to the plan at any time.

Vested Amount

      100% from the first year

For more information and details, interested persons should visit the Office of Human Resources.

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