Welcome to the Albizu University family! 

  • Our donors help us invest in our students – both in their financial needs and in developing ground-breaking academic programs to address evolving needs. 
  • Our donors help us invest in our faculty – experts who are developing and implementing innovative interventions and research study reports for dissemination. 
  • Our donors help us keep our campus vibrant.  Thank you for your continued support!

All our alumni, parents, friends, faculty members, board of trustees, administration, and business partners have had an impact on our students’ lives, the future of Albizu University, and the vast collection of communities served by our students and alumni.

Join us as we continue to support the University’s transformative impact on students, our faculty, and the community at large.

To make a gift to Albizu University by credit card, check, or direct deposit, select the link from the list below.  Cash, checks, and online donations are convenient and safe ways to give.  Gifts may be designated for a particular project – in Miami or San Juan Campus.  Click [HERE] to make a gift now. 

Needs and Goals – Giving Opportunities

Albizu University offers a wide range of giving opportunities to suit your philanthropic interests.   When no preference is stated, we will direct your gifts toward where they are needed the most.  All gifts will be gratefully acknowledged.

  • To enhance the physical infrastructure and facilities.

    Donors can help our university reaching funds for these core areas: 
    • Luna Street #205 Building to enhance the San Juan Campus facilities
    • San Juan Campus main entrance facilities improvement
    • Chiller System acquisition for the Miami Campus
    • Undergraduate Wing at the Miami Campus
  • Carlos Albizu Institutional Scholarship:  This fund was established:

    • to provide financial assistance to students with financial need and/or academic excellence behavior at the graduate and undergraduate level.
    • to provide an incentive for new students with academic excellence.

Did You Know?

    • 92% of Miami Campus students depend on loans to reach their academic goals?
    • 89% of San Juan Campus students depend on loans to reach their academic goals?
  • To support Research Studies:

    • To develop, implement, analyze, and disseminate findings of quantitative and/or qualitative research studies.

      Since its foundation Albizu University has been a
      higher education institution dedicated to academic excellence and research from a pluralistic and multidimensional perspective. We contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in our communities by training professionals with multicultural competencies and with a commitment to social responsibility, characteristic of all our programs and services

    • Our faculty and students work on a diversity range of Research Investigations: Psychological and Sociological factors of the obesity, Cybernetics and Psychology, Psychological Aspects and Attitudes of Infertility, ADHD (Girls), Child Sexual Abuse, HIV Issues, Stress and Trauma, Mental Health Service Utilization, Psychotherapies, Human Sexuality and LGBTT, Hypnosis, Alzheimer, Depression and Suicides in the Elderly Population, Spirituality, Religion and its Psycho-social Effects, Sexual Behavior of  Youngsters and Adolescents, Autism, Bullying, Domestic Violence, Resiliency, Substance Use, Sport Psychology, among others.

Planned gifts provide a means for you and your family to balance your current needs with your desire to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.   A variety of planned giving vehicles exist to assist you.

  • Providing for Albizu University in your will
  • Creating and managing a Charitable Lead Trust (CLUT), which provides income to Albizu University for the term of the Trust, after which time all trust assets are passed on tax-free to a successor beneficiary.  That successor beneficiary could be the same beneficiary during the term of the Trust, it could be your grandchildren, or another party of your choice.
  • Naming Albizu University in a life insurance policy
  • Designating Albizu University as a remainder beneficiary of your IRA, Keogh, or other retirement plan
  • Establishing an endowment fund to provide renewable, sustaining funds for a program or scholarship pool.

We urge you to discuss these planned giving opportunities with your financial and legal advisors.  At the same time, we are here to work with you to maximize the impact of your gift. 

Personal or real property gifts could include art or automobiles or real estate.  The value will be determined by a current appraisal to determine fair market value.  All gifts of this kind are subject to approval by Albizu University’s Board of Trustees.

Appreciated Assets are welcome gifts.  Public traded stocks and securities will be counted at the value on the date of donation and will be converted to cash as soon as is practical.


For assistance, please call:

Sylvia E. Lopez

Executive Director- Finance and Administration

Albizu University
PO BOX 9023711
San Juan, PR 00902-3711
Ofic. 787.725.6500 ext. 2315


Contact Info

Marianne (Mimi) Pink
Director of Development and Alumni
Miami Campus

2173 NW 99 Avenue
Miami, FL 33172-2209
Office: 305-593-1223, ext. 108
Fax: 305-592-7930
Cell or Text: 786-257-7371

Ángeles (Chiqui) Pérez
Director of Development and Alumni
San Juan Campus

Tanca Street #151
San Juan Puerto Rico 00901
Office: 787-725-6500, ext. 2318/2319
Fax: 787.721.7187
Cell or Text: 787-510-8309


San Juan location
151 Calle Tanca San Juan, PR 00901
Phone: (787) 725-6500 Fax: (787) 721-7187
Miami location
2173 NW 99th Avenue Miami, Florida 33172 Phone: (305) 593-1223 Fax: (305) 592-7930
Centro Mayaguez
56 Calle José De Diego, Mayagüez, P.R. 00680 Phone: (787) 838-7272 Fax: (787) 721-7187
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Commission for Independent Education