President's Message

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, its Faculty, students, staff and myself, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the new digital Carlos Albizu University.

Knowledge to Build a Better World” is a new branding campaign launched by Carlos Albizu University. It attempts to reach out to the rest of the world beyond our borders and make our presence known. Some outstanding alumni play a significant role in this campaign through testimonials which show how Carlos Albizu University played a significant role in their road to becoming leaders in their community, the transformation that is evident in other people’s lives and the inspiration provided to new generations.


The foundations upon which Carlos Albizu University operates are excellence in academics and how its focus and determination in the study and comprehension of human behaviors through holistic, dynamic and integrative processes have been nationally recognized. Our curriculum is updated constantly to ensure that the training of our students incorporates new developments and findings in their chosen fields. The aim of our different programs is to prepare our students through broad and constant exposure to experiences that will allow them to become citizens of the world as well as ethical and competent professionals in their specialized fields.

We are committed to turn our students into professionals who will enrich and help change our society in those areas that are lacking. Dr. Carlos Albizu Miranda’s legacy is the basis of our educational principles. His own words were “Education without love is sterile. Knowledge which is based only on logic and reason can become dehumanizing and is not at the service of man. Education which is guided by love emphasizes the social good, rather than individual competition. It is not competitive knowledge but rather cooperative knowledge.”

Our flexibility in the offering of our programs, a culturally aware and sensitive curriculum, and our diverse practicum trainings, make us a unique educational institution. We provide alternatives and accommodate the needs of those professionals seeking a new career, or of those individuals who are not able to be day students because of work or family constraints.

Once you become familiar with our website, we are sure you will understand why Carlos Albizu University is considered as unique when compared to other leading higher education institutions.

Best regards,


Dr. Ram S. Lamba

Interim President
Carlos Abizu University

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