Master of Science (M.S.) in Counseling Psychology

Program Overview

The objective of the Albizu University’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Program, San Juan Campus, is to train you to become a professional capable of providing counseling interventions geared toward the enhancement of the quality of life of those who seek your assistance.

Our program’s training model is based on the scientist-practitioner-leader model.  Scientific psychology will be the basis of your training in preparing you to become a scientist, leader and professional who can effectively function in the community as a counseling psychologist.

Program Highlights

The Albizu University’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Program will provide you with the opportunity to develop the relevant competencies consistent with the counseling psychology practice. These include:

  • assessment strategies and intervention approaches,
  • awareness of cultural, racial, and social diversity in practice and research,
  • sound legal and ethical knowledge and  skills in both  practice and research
  • the ability to transfer research literature information into the practice of counseling psychology. 

Our program integrates the theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experiences for you to develop the necessary professional and research skills in the field. (Click here to learn more about our curriculum).

The Albizu University’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Program faculty members are characterized by excellence, innovation and are forward thinking professionals who will provide you with an understanding of relevant theories, skills, techniques, research, and practice in the field of counseling psychology. 

As a student in the Master of Counseling Psychology Program, you will have the opportunity to be placed on an external counseling practicum site.  This will allow for you to establish community and professional connections that will improve your employability and provide a network of professional contacts in counseling-related disciplines. 

As a graduate of the Albizu University’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Program, you will be eligible for state licensure.

Career Opportunities

The Albizu University Master of Science in Counseling Psychology graduates go on to secure gainful employment in a variety of public and private settings. These include: counseling centers, community mental health agencies, hospitals, public and private social services agencies, shelters for special populations, inpatient and outpatient  treatment facilities, school-based programs, substance abuse treatment centers, hospice centers, colleges and universities, and private practice settings.

San Juan location
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Miami location
2173 NW 99th Avenue Miami, Florida 33172 Phone: (305) 593-1223 Fax: (305) 592-7930
Centro Mayaguez
56 Calle José De Diego, Mayagüez, P.R. 00680 Phone: (787) 838-7272 Fax: (787) 721-7187
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Commission for Independent Education