To train culturally sensitive Hispanic clinical psychologists with the necessary competencies to provide services to individuals, families, and Hispanic groups along with the social system.

The mission focuses on developing in students a holistic, dynamic, and integrated perspective that is realized through a balanced and interconnected sequence of didactic coursework, experiential clinical training, and opportunities for research and scholarly work.


The program will contribute to the search for high-quality clinical interventions developed through a rigorous academic curricula and clinical experiences while respecting cultural diversity.


The philosophy of training for the Psy.D. program is to prepare students to become competent clinical psychologists based on the Practitioner-Scholar model. In line with the training model, the program focuses on the professional growth and self-awareness of the students as well as the development of cultural sensitivity in the provision of clinical services. The program provides students with the opportunity to address issues of cultural and individual diversity, work with a wide range of client populations, and practice in multiple settings and in a variety of professional roles, such as clinician, administrator, supervisor, and consultant. Students are encouraged to consider the best research evidence integrated with clinical competencies and skills in order to promote positive therapeutic outcomes.          


The resolutions of the 1973 Vail Conference advocated for the development of a professional training model determined by the skills program graduates would need in order to function effectively in the particular roles they have chosen. The Practitioner-Scholar model is best suited for training psychologists whose primary roles will be in the area of direct professional practice, which is the focus of the Albizu Psy.D. program. The model endeavors to produce clinical psychologists who bring a scientific approach to the multiple roles in which they function as professionals. 

The goals for research training in programs adhering to the Practitioner-Scholar model are to develop in students:

  • Sufficient basic skills to be able to design and execute competent outcomes in professional and in some cases academic contexts with the support of properly trained consultants
  • A basic understanding of and respect for the scientific basis of the discipline
  • Sufficient methodological knowledge to enable them to be effective consumers of scientific knowledge 

Practitioner-Scholar programs assume that graduates will not be involved in generating new knowledge in any substantial matter.

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