Degree in Human Services (Ph.D)

Program Overview

The mission of the Ph.D. Program in Human Services at Albizu University, Miami Campus, is to train culturally competent professionals at the doctoral level with special emphasis on the training of minorities.

It takes a committed and caring individual to help people who are struggling with physical or mental illness, addiction, poverty, violence, and crime. Knowledge, skills, and the art of applying it to our dynamic world is necessary to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Human Services include several fields of knowledge in the public and private administration and the social sciences directed to address human needs. The Doctor of Philosophy in the Human Services Program will prepare you to be outstanding practitioners, researchers, and leaders in the human services field. You will be able to make significant contributions to the empowerment of individuals, families, communities, and organizations in need through the creation, development, and evaluation of programs and services directed to address the need of these societal groups. These include human beings on every stage of life physically and/or emotionally challenged because of age, poverty, immigrant status, illness, addictions, imprisonment and/or violence. As professionals, you will also be prepared to lead organizations that offer services to these populations and to exert advocacy efforts on behalf of these groups.

Program Highlights

Our program is geared to prepare you as professionals in the field of human services to occupy positions as leaders in management, professional practice, research and academia.

As a student in the Ph.D. Human Services program, your educational career will be tailored to learn how to assess the needs of the individuals, families, communities, and organizations that require services. In addition, you will learn the skills to develop or expand research programs and analyze and interpret policies, rules, regulations, and laws. Skills will be developed to learn how to negotiate contracts and agreements with for-profit and non-profit organizations and federal agencies in order to provide the required services. You will learn how to manage human services through effective planning, integration, organization, direction, and control activities. Leadership skills will be developed to integrate and lead the staff of the organizations toward the accomplishment of the program goals and objectives.

Career Opportunities

As graduates from Albizu University you will be able to gain employment in the two classifications in human service workers: Administrative workers, and those who do direct work with clients. In the first group are development directors, executive directors, grant writers, program directors, executive directors, and assistant directors. In the second group are those who work with clients: case workers, case managers, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Opportunities for professionals with a PhD in Human Services are in the academia, research or consulting in public or private organizations and leadership positions in public or private service agencies, among others.

Whether you are interested in becoming a leader of change in management, professional practice, or in research in the academic world, the Albizu University offers the training to become a culturally competent professional. The time is NOW to transform your life and the lives of others. Knowledge to build a better world

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